• Type of Helicopter:Robinson R66
  • Type of Engine:Rolls Royce RR 300(Jet Engine)
  • Cruise Speed:Upto 144 mph
  • Maximum Range:Approx 350 nm
  • Fuel Capacity:282 Ltrs
  • Maximum Operating Altitude:14,000 feet
  • Passenger Capacity:4+1


Comfortable and luxurious leather seats with individual seats belts for all passenger, one seat besides the pilot and 3 seats behind. Full see through glass cabin which gives a wide view for passenger. This is very useful for pleasure flying as well as for guided tours where people will want to look outside the helicopter.


1 Engine Rolls Royce RR300 (Turbine Jet Engine) Lycoming IO-540, six cylinder, (Piston Engine)
2 Passenger capacity 4+1 3+1
3 Altitude 14,000feet 14,000feet
4 Speed Upto 144 MPH Upto 135 MPH
5 Range Approx 350 NM Approx 300 NM
6 Total Fuel Capacity 282 Ltrs 180 Ltrs

Features of R-66 (Turbine)

Leather Seats :

5 comfortable leather seats with additional leg room and head room. Noice cancellation headphones provided.

Air Conditioner :

Powerfull air conditioner for the entire cabin.Keeps Cabin cool irrespective of outside temperature.

Advanced Avionics :

Garmin 430 W Navigation System .

Highest cruise speed and range in its class of helicopters :

The Capability to deliver 130 kts with a range of 600 Km makes R-66 the best helicopter in it's class.

Baggage Compartment :

Large Baggage Compartment
The spacious18 cubic-foot, 300 lb capacity compartmentcan accommodate three or four full-size suitcases. Additional storagespace is provided under each seat for personal belongings.

RR300 Engine for smooth and vibration free ride :

The Rolls-Royce introduction of the RR300 ushers in a new era of turbine-powered flight. The RR300 combines state-of-the-art design. The affordable RR300 makes the dream of smooth and reliable turbine-powered flight possible for a new generation of aircraft. The engine has true multi-fuel capability and turbine engine responsiveness, smoothness and worry-freereliability.